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Kenya is a top wildlife destination, recommended especially for those taking a first time safari. The Masai Mara offers excellent big cat encounters and is the setting for the yearly wildebeest migration. Palm-lined beaches offer a perfect place to relax after an action packed safari.
Pros and Cons

  • Excellent wildlife viewing, including the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara
  • A wide variety of habitats and scenery
  • Beautiful beaches with plenty of resorts to choose from
  • Traditionalindigenous cultures
  • Excellent service and slick tourism industry
  • The main tourist attractions are often crowded with tourists

Kenya is a country of scenic beauty, lies on the eastern coastline of Africa covering an area of 600,000 square Kilometers.
Kenya became an official British colony in 1920, but Africans participation in their own government began in 1944. The country was granted independence from the United Kingdom on December 12, 1963 (This day is celebrated annually as a national holiday) with the late President Jomo Kenyatta (died 1978) as the First Leader.

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More about Kenya

Official languages: Swahili and English

Population: estimated at 41 million inhabitants as of 2011.

Ethnicity: There are over 70 distinct ethnic groups in Kenya, ranging in size from about seven million Kikuyu to about 500 El Molo who live on the shore of Lake Turkana. Kenyas ethnic groups can be divided into three broad linguistic groups Bantu, Nilotic and Cushite. While no ethnic group constitutes a majority of Kenya's citizens, the largest ethnic group, the Kikuyu, makes up only 20% of the nations total population, The five largest  Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kamba and Kalenjin- account for 70%.

Currency: The Kenyan Shilling is the currency of Kenya
Entry and exit requirements: Entry into Kenya requires a visa for all U.S. citizens in addition to a passport with a minimum of six months validity and proof of Yellow Fever immunization. The option to purchase a visa upon arrival exists; however, you should expect long lines and delays at the airport should you choose this alternative.

When to visit: The best time to visit Kenya is during the dry seasons, from January to March and July through October.

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