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2 Days Source of River Nile Jinja Tour

2 days tour that takes you to Jinja town at the source of River Nile, from Lake Victoria. Jinja is an hour drive to the east from the capital city Kampala. The safari will start with a visit to the Mabira Forest, a well developed ecotourism site. Mabira Forest is a moist semi-deciduous forest famous for walking and cycling trails. The forest is a home to over 100 species of large moths, butterfly fauna, 300 species of birds e.g. blue swallow, papyrus gonolek and the nahan francoline, the purple throated cuckoo etc.

The tour will later proceed to Jinja town which is well endowed with historical resources which include the Source of the Nile, the Bujagali Falls, and old Styled Indian buildings among others. Bungee jumping and White water rafting at the 5 grade rapids of the Nile is another unforgettable Itinerary

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Day 1:Drive from kampala to Jinja
After breakfast and drive along Jinja road from Kampala toward Jinja on one of the busiest roads in Uganda, you will pass through Lugazi which is a sugar cane town meeting sugar cane trucks with their ware on them.
We come by some of the fast-food dispensers of chicken and beef on a stick, also drinks and cassava before reaching Mabira Forest. We pull off and soon reach the place where we will take a walk in the forest. This is one of the few rain forests in the central region of Uganda. A portion of which is now being cut down for power lines, while another portion has been threatened to be given away to sugar companies for more sugar plantations, that decision has and is an off  on situation.

Besides the lovely forest there are over 300 species of birds and over 218 kinds of butterflies. There are over 312 tree and plant species. You will also find lots of monkey and other mammals in Mabira Forest.
Walking underneath this canopy of an African Rain forest is an almost spiritual experience. You will love the silence only to be broken by the call of a bird, or the shriek of a monkey.
Uganda is the one of those places where the West African Rain forest meets East Africa resulting in beautiful places such as Mabira Forest and it is simply breathtaking.
Afterwards we get back into the vehicle and drive to the Nile Guesthouse where we sit inside a lovely restaurant perched on a hill over the Nile. The food is very good and they have a stuffed chicken breast stuffed with spinach that is my personal favorite. Most of all enjoy the food.
After lunch we take a short ride to where we visit the source of the Nile, a quiet Park, nowadays there are some souvenir sellers there, but otherwise it is quiet and beautiful, filled with palm trees, fantastic tropical plants and as you walk down the steps toward the Nile you can smell of the flowers there.
As you stand on the Nile, you can hear the gurgling water, watch fishermen throwing their nets, taking in the longest river in Africa, a river that flows from south to north toward the Mediterranean Sea, you can close your eyes and sense history. Oh John Hanning Speke coming to this river and being the first Westerner to discover the source of the Nile as to being Lake Victoria.rafting-adventure
Take a Boat Ride to the actual source of the Nile and beyond the lake, great picture opportunities for you. Then it is off to town, which at one time was the industrial capital of Uganda, now-a-days it is a sleepy town filled with lots of old Indian styled homes, reflecting the many Indians who lived here in the pre-Amin area, some of which have returned to reclaim their old properties, while most Indians today in Uganda and in Jinja came from India in search of success. There are many shops along the main road and also a place to buy Ugandan crafts, you can have some time to do so. Overnight at Hotel Triangle  Jinja, Bed/breakfast.

Day 2

Bungee jumping and White-water Rafting on the Nile, back to Kampala We should be awake by 7.00am and have our breakfast. After breakfast we shall have another thrilling encounter with the Nile  Bungee jumping at Bujagali, half day. Afterwards, we embark on the days main adventure of white water rafting.

Bungee: Enjoy the most thrilling white water rafting at different grade stages. The white water rafting begins with a comprehensive briefing and the fitting of life jackets and helmets. The rafting is done on an 10 kilometre stretch of the Nile River. The first few rapids are low grade (1,2) and give clients a sense of confidence. As the river meanders through beautiful scenery, the rafts are guided into the mighty challenges of the best grade 5 rapids on the Nile. Eight major rapids are rafted plus lower graded runs to maximize the adrenaline rush of this adventure. Return to Kampala reaching late evening, before being transferred to Entebbe.

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